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Plant Biotechnology Manager #1131
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Producer: IPTV - School to Careers Unit
Distributor: Iowa Public Television
Copyright Date: 6-99
Physical Format: VHS
Length: 7:11
Audience: Secondary
Series: School to Careers Videos
Annotation: If you have a curious and precise nature, a career as a scientist might be for you. Scientists are constantly finding ways to explain the processes of the world around them. This scientist specializes in plant biotechnology and gives a tour of her laboratory and greenhouse. She gives a fascinating explanation of the experimental process.
Miscellaneous: This video is one in a series of Iowa-based career features produced by IPTV. It is not intended to be utilized as a stand-alone piece. It is most effectively used as a supplement to additional learning strategies. In addition to the feature, each video may include a short segment without audio designed to be used in interactive sessions on the Iowa Communications Network (ICN).

For further information about the IPTV School to Careers project, contact the project coordinator at (800) 532-1290.

The School to Careers project is supported by funds from a USDE Star Schools grant.


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The School to Careers project is supported by funds from a USDE Star Schools grant.
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