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Videoconferencing Sessions on the Iowa Communications Network (ICN)

Calendar Sessions

Iowa's K-12 educators are invited to register online for School to Careers videoconferencing sessions with career professionals featured in the database. Iowa Public Television (IPTV) personnel schedule sessions throughout the year via the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). Consult the "K-12 Calendar" for the upcoming offerings. There is no cost associated with these sessions for Iowa educators. Each session is limited to eight schools to help protect the interactivity between students and career professional.

Educators are responsible for preparing students for a positive interaction with the career professional. All of the career professionals in the STC database volunteer their time to interact with students. They also spend time preparing for the interaction and look forward to input, comments and questions from students.

Teacher-requested Sessions

Iowa educators may request STC videoconferencing sessions via the ICN! Teaching a difficult concept to students poises challenges to any educator. When students see practical applications for that concept, sometimes sparks are ignited. For example, geometry students may struggle with the Pythagorean theorem. Educators who try to make this concept relevant to students, may want to schedule a "teacher-requested session" via the ICN with the STC electrician who will illustrate how he uses the Pythagorean theorem on the job!

The STC project offers educators an option that allows them to customize ICN sessions to their curriculum. An educator may request an ICN session with a STC career professional at a day and time that is convenient for the educator.

To schedule a session, contact LaShell Staley at mailto:lashell@iptv.org or call (800) 532-1290.


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