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Using this Site & System Requirements

The page is intended to provide users of the School to Careers (STC) Web site with some helpful hints to make finding information easier and faster. Whether you're an experienced "surfer" or a "newbie" to the Internet, finding the exact information you want can be difficult. Please take a moment to review some suggestions.

The navigation bar at the top of the page is intended to help users get to the most frequently accessed areas of the site. Simply click on the icon of the section you wish to visit to move to that area. Click on the STC logo in the upper left corner at any time to return to the STC home page.

Searches and Registrations

Career searches and registrations on the STC Web site are form based. In order to use the site effectively, your Web browser and network must be able to submit and process forms. If you are having difficulty doing career searches, talk to your system/network administrator to see if forms processing is enabled in your computing environment.

Because of the use of forms and JavaScript, the STC Web site is best viewed with the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Downloads and Plug-ins

STC uses free downloads or plug-ins to enhance your experience. Several of the most common plug-ins are listed below. The STC Web site uses Adobe's portable document format (PDF) for easy postscript printing and distribution. All videos on the School to Careers Web site are viewable as streaming video with the RealPlayer. If you are having trouble viewing information on the site, you may need to install one of these plug-ins (your browser should alert you if a plug-in is necessary).

Get Adobe Reader Adobe Reader formats and displays documents so that they print more accurately.
Get RealPlayer RealPlayer streams audio and video files so that visitors can enjoy media experiences without waiting for the entire file to download.

Software/Hardware Requirements

To view the clips, you will need (as a minimum):
  1. An Internet connection of at least 56 kbs. Broadband connections using DSL, cable modem or satellite for Internet access will provide a much better video experience.
  2. the latest version of either the Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer Web browsers.
  3. The latest version of RealNetworks' RealPlayer.
  4. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat.
  5. A computer with the either of the following minimum system requirements:
    --- Windows 98 or better
    --- Macintosh PowerPC or better


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