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* Iowa Public Television "Odyssey" Teacher’s Guide

The teacher’s guide may be downloaded from this site for use by teachers. The guide is composed of ten separate PDF (portable document format) documents. The contents of each PDF file is indicated below.

Table of Contents


  • How to Use these Materials
  • Video Summaries
  • Odyssey Viewing Guide


  • School to Work Career Odyssey Series Pre- and Post Video Discussion Questions:
  • Tape 1: Engineering/Industrial/Technological Science Pathway
  • Tape 2: Agriscience/Natural Resources Pathway
  • Tape 3: Health Science Pathway


  • Tape 4: Arts and Communication Pathway
  • Tape 5: Family and Human Services Pathway
  • Tape 6: business/Marketing/Information Management Pathway


  • High School Odyssey Activities (based on **National Career Development Guidelines)
  • Activity #1 - Career Tree (Standard I: Understanding the influence of a positive self-concept.)
  • Activity #2 - Career Imaging (Standard II: Skills to interact positively with others.)
  • Activity #3 - Stress Organizer (Standard III: Understanding the impact of growth and development.)
  • Activity #4 - Workplace Characteristics (Standard IV: Understanding the relationship between educational achievement and career planning.)
  • Activity #5 - business Rubrics (Standard V: Understanding the need for positive attitudes toward work and learning.)


  • Activity #6 - Decision Making Matrix (Standard VI: Skills to locate, evaluate, and interpret career information.)


  • Activity #7 - Occupation Comparison/Contrast (Standard VII: Skills to prepare to seek, obtain, maintain and change jobs.)
  • Activity #8 - Local business Forum (Standard VIII: Understanding how societal needs and functions influence the nature and structure of work.)


  • Activity #9 - Skills Checklist (Standard IX: Skills to make decisions


  • Activity #10 - Occupational Role Play (Standard X: Understanding the interrelationship of life roles.)
  • Activity #11 - Opinion Poll (Standard XI: Understanding the continuous changes in male/female roles.)
  • Activity #12 - Advisor/Advisee Career Portfolio (Standard XII: Skills in career planning.)


  • Rubrics
  • Effective Communication Rubric "5 C's"
  • Effective Listening Rubric (ICN Etiquette)
  • Group Work Rubric
  • Oral Presentation Rubric
  • Presentation Rubric
  • Quality Product Rubric
  • Additional Resources


* The "Odyssey" teacher’s guide was developed for the School to Careers project by teachers at Lake Mills Community Schools, Lake Mills, Iowa. For questions about activities included in the guide, email Cindy Witt at cwitt@lake-mills.k12.ia.us.

**The National Career Development Guidelines were developed by the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee, suite 156, 2100 M St., NW, Washington, DC 20037 (202) 653-5665


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