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Computer Systems Analyst
Computer System Administrator #1025

Business, Information Management and Marketing

There are McRel or MCTM standards for this career.

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Computer System Administrator #1025 - Tape Number: 1025

Career Profile:
Computer System Administrator #1025

This computer system analyst and administrator has worked for the same company for more than 13 years. He was hired as the advertising director and through the years became increasingly interested in computers. So much so, that when the opportunity arose his employer offered him a new direction working with technology.

He has a talent for working with computers and enjoys the ever-changing world of technology. As the company added other communications services, his job changed to computer systems analyst. He is constantly needed to troubleshoot problems with the computer system. He is a member of the management team, since it is important for the goals of the computer system to reflect and support the goals for the entire paper.

He enjoys computers, but his true love is MAGIC. He performs for various groups and loves keeping people on the edge of their seats.

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