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CEO #1202

Business, Information Management and Marketing

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Career Profile:
CEO #1202

This certified public accountant (CPA) didn't take any accounting classes in high school. He became interested in this career during his first year of college after talking to a friend about his accounting classes. To become a CPA in Iowa, you must have a bachelor's degree, spend one year as a public accountant and take a two-day exam.

This native Iowan says CPAs are problem solvers, not just number crunchers. Although a strong math background is important, he says all CPAs must have good communication and public speaking skills. He says he loves the accounting field because it's fun to help individuals and businesses become successful. That success could mean creating more jobs within a company or helping a non-profit organization manage its money.

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What is meant by the “five-year program” to become an accountant? AUDIO TEXT

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