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President #1180

Business, Information Management and Marketing

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Career Profile:
President #1180

This business person is the owner of a small business specializing in fireplace sales and service. One of the services his business offers is chimney sweeping. The daily life of this chimney sweep is much different than that of chimney sweeps portrayed in the movies.

First of all, he may get a smudge here and a smudge there from working, but rarely does he come home at the end of the day covered from head to toe in soot. And as for the singing and dancing on rooftops, his dedication to safety on the job ensures that he will never have an accident resulting from song or dance.

What truly makes this business owner unique is that he does much more than sweeping chimneys. Promotions, sales and paperwork are a sizable part of his duties as he is the company's president. He also must hire freelance chimney sweeps during the fall and winter months to cover customer requests.

As a young person, this chimney sweep turned business owner enjoyed working with his hands as well as with people. His job provides the perfect balance -- hands-on duties and interacting with customers.

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