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County Extension Education Director
County Extension Education Director #1155

Agriscience and Natural Resources

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County Extension Education Director #1155 - Tape Number: 1155

Career Profile:
County Extension Education Director #1155

In the state of Iowa, there are 100 County Extension Education Directors (CEED). They are responsible for extending education from Iowa State University through local community program plans, program budgets and responses to the questions of the county's residents.

Having grown up on a farm, this CEED enjoys being connected with agriculture. He spends half of his time keeping current in the various areas of agriculture. It's important for him to be knowledgeable about current issues such as genetically modified organisms (GMO so that he can respond with accurate and fair information to questions posed by farmers. He receives on-going training on topics such as crop management, pest management and livestock. His job involves networking at evening meetings held several times a week and overseeing programs for community development, families and 4H programs. He enjoys helping people and finds his job very rewarding.

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