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Chief Executive Officer #1153

Business, Information Management and Marketing

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Chief Executive Officer #1153 - Tape Number: 1153

Career Profile:
Chief Executive Officer #1153

This entrepreneur had a humble beginning in business with one gas station in a small Iowa town. That was 1959. Since then, the native Iowan has built the family business into a major convenience store chain with hundreds of stores across the country. But that is just the beginning.

He is the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of a major corporation that is made up of 22 companies and about 2500 employees. He considers himself an idea person who motivates his staff to be creative and forward thinking. This CEO credits his success to hard work, a passion for business and good personal values. He has been known to personally call all 300-plus convenience store managers on holidays to thank them for working. He says students interested in business should work in retail and read about how other CEOs started their companies.

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