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Crime Lab Investigator
Crime Laboratory Sergeant #1143

Family and Human Services

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Crime Laboratory Sergeant #1143 - Tape Number: 1143

Career Profile:
Crime Laboratory Sergeant #1143

Although this career is often over-glamorized in television and film, in real life, forensics is a very time consuming and precise occupation. Many forensics officers specialize in one area of the field; however, this head of forensics gets to do it all. Whether it is finger printing, foot printing or testifying in court, he uncovers and presents much of the evidence, which puts criminals behind bars.

Incredibly, almost anything can be used as evidence, from plastic bags to the nose print of a dog. Evidence collection may be tedious, but with the advent of new technology, forensic officers can become more and more precise. One of the most important technical skills he believes people in this field need is photography. "I can live without my badge; I can live without my gun; but I can't live without my camera."

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