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Assistant Videographer
Assistant Videographer #1065

Arts and Communications

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Assistant Videographer #1065 - Tape Number: 1065

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Career Profile:
Assistant Videographer #1065

After high school, this videographer took a year off before attending college. She worked, saved money and then traveled through Europe. "Traveling," she says, "helps in any profession. It teaches you about budgeting, problem solving and communicating with people."

Upon entering college, she declared art as a major but quickly changed it to communications: film & media after taking an Introduction to Film Studies class as a freshman. She feels video production has many different facets and can fulfill many different interests.

"If you love pictures, video or still photography can fulfill that interest. If you love audio or writing, video production can utilize those skills, too," comments this videographer.

"I've learned more on the job than I ever could in a textbook," she says. Also, as a videographer you "get to experience bits of other people's lives. Videography holds a lot of variety in that way. "

Her favorite shoot was a trip to Key Largo, Florida where she was able to combine her interest in scuba diving with her videography skills. She used an underwater camera and shot footage for a video profiling the career of a marine biologist.

When asked to give advice to students, she responded, "Try to be involved in any type of video production around you, even if it's just you and a home video camera." To get a job in video production, she says, "keep trying...don't be afraid to follow your dreams and go for it!"

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