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field agronomist
Field Sales Agronomist #1129

Agriscience and Natural Resources

 Challenge No. 1

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Field Sales Agronomist #1129 - Tape Number: 1129

Career Profile:
Field Sales Agronomist #1129

This field sales agronomist grew up on a farm and intended to join the family farm after high school graduation. Difficult times in farming prevented this from happening, so he decided to go to college and study agriculture business.

After graduation he became a crop consultant. When he learned about an opening for a field sales agronomist he jumped at the opportunity. He would no longer just publish crop information, but would have direct contact with the producers and farmers in the field.

He supports farmers through education and offers recommendations based on research. His main job responsibilities include supporting sales staff with needed information, educating producers and farmers on growing the most profitable crop, and researching different products for the farm. His company works with biotechnologies to control pests, improve herbicide tolerance of crops and to aid conventional breeding efforts. It’s important for him to help growers extract the greatest value from the seeds he sells. He says because some companies have not been careful about the sale of unsafe biotech products, it’s imperative that he educate growers about the benefits of safe biotech crops.

He enjoys the "freedom" of controlling his own schedule, even though he says it is sometimes difficult trying to prioritize his tasks.

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