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Computer Engineer
Computer Engineer

Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences Career Pathway

Are you able to analyze problems and to understand and pay close attention to standards? Are you good in math and science? Do you like to create, build, install and maintain physical systems? Do you enjoy drawing detailed plans or patterns or working with diagrams? This may be a career pathway for you!

The Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences Pathway includes the following occupational clusters: engineering and related technologies, construction and maintenance, technological science and vehicle operation and repair. Iowa's world of work includes careers in each occupational cluster.


   Aircraft Mechanic

   Aircraft Pilot

   Armed Forces

   Automobile mechanic

   Automotive Body Repairer



   Chemical Engineer

   Civil Engineer

   Computer Engineer

   Construction Supervisor


   Driver/sales worker


   Engineering Technician

   Flying Instructor


   Heat Treating Equipment Operator

   Industrial Engineer

   Industrial Machinery Mechanic

   Industrial Production Manager

   Laundry and Drycleaning Machine Operator

   Leak Surveyor

   Lock and Dam Repairer Supervisor

   Machinery Maintenance Worker

   Material Moving Equipment Operator

   Mechanical Engineer

   Mechanical Engineering Technician

   Numerical Control Machine Setup Operator

   Office Machine Repairer

   Operating Engineer

   Physicists and Astronomers


   Quality Assurance Manager

   Reservation and Ticket Agent


   Tool and Die Maker


From: Career Pathways Resource Guide, Iowa Department of Education, First Edition, 1997. Funded by the Tech Prep Model Framework Project.


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