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Food Services Manager
Food Services Manager

Business, Information Management and Marketing Career Pathway

Are you organized, accurate and self-motivated? Are you able to write and speak well to communicate ideas to others? Do you enjoy being a leader, organizing people, planning events and working with numbers or ideas? Do you like operating computers or other business machines? This may be a career pathway for you!

The Business, Information Management and Marketing Pathway includes the following occupational clusters: administration and administrative support, financial transactions, computer operations and marketing and sales.




   Adjustment Clerk

   Chief Executive

   Computer Programmer

   Computer Programmer,Numerical,Tool&Process Control

   Computer System Specialist

   Computer Systems Analyst

   Dairy Farmer


   Food Services Manager

   General Manager

   Hotel Motel Manager

   Human Resources Program Manager

   Loan Officer/Counselor

   Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Manager

   Postal mail carrier

   Production Clerk

   Production Supervisor

   Public Relations Specialist

   Purchasing Manager

   Recreation Facilities Manager

   Sales Manager

   Securities and Financial Services Sales Agent

   Transportation Director

   Travel Agent

From: Career Pathways Resource Guide, Iowa Department of Education, First Edition, 1997. Funded by the Tech Prep Model Framework Project.


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