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Who can benefit from the School to Careers (STC) Web site?

Teachers, students and parents explore the world of work via the STC Web site. Job descriptions, video clips and links to additional resources can be accessed through this Web site. The STC database features occupations in health, engineering, business, agriscience, human services and the arts. Career searches can be done by keyword, occupation, subject or Career Pathway.

Who can register for a video conferencing session via the Iowa Communications Network (ICN)?

Any Iowa educator with access to an ICN video classroom.

What do I need to do before I take my students to an ICN video classroom for a STC videoconference?

The best interactions occur when the teacher has spent planning time to integrate learning goals and teaching objectives into the interactive session.

Can I just use the feature videos and the STC database? I really don't need the videoconferencing option?

Yes. Videos are available to Iowa teachers through the AEAs. IPTV offers professional development on how to integrate STC videos into K-12 curricula.

Can I get a videotape of STC ICN sessions?

No. The purpose of this learning strategy is to provide an opportunity for students to interact with the career professional by exchanging questions and comments. Transcripts of many ICN sessions are available on the Web.

What kinds of classes should interact with career professionals in STC ICN sessions?

Most classes can benefit from participation in a STC ICN session with a career professional. Classes can make connections between what they are learning in school and how it can help them in the future. Generally, many disciplines are covered in the sessions. Appropriate behavior and social skills in the workplace are often discussed.

What is the best way to use this?

Integrating the STC project with curriculum standards and goals is the best way to use this learning strategy. Specific questions can be emailed to the project coordinator from the Questions/Comments area of this Web site.

Will this work with elementary students?

Many of the STC database participants are willing to interact with elementary students in mind. Elementary students gain an awareness of the relationships between learning in school and work. Some special ICN sessions are set up specifically for elementary students.


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