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The Construction Inspector


Persons employed in this occupation in the United States:
2004: 94,100
Projected 2014: 115,000

Persons employed in this occupation in Iowa:
2002:  550
Projected 2012: 580

2004 Median National
Annual Wages: $43,900
2004 Median Iowa
Annual Wages: $43,400

***Source: America's Career InfoNet

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In high school, Stephen concentrated on his math, language and writing classes. During his senior year he was also involved in drafting class, which was an all-afternoon class every day. After high school he attended a state university for four years earning a degree in architecture. Today, since the industry changes constantly, he must take continuing education classes every year to keep up with advances in the field.

Work Experiences and Internships:

Stephen's part-time jobs in high school included working as a swimming instructor and a lifeguard at the local YMCA. After graduating from high school, he spent the summer reading meters for the power company. In college he worked summers as an intern, which eventually landed him a full-time job after completing his degree. Today, he still works for the same company.

Activities and Organizations:

In high school, Stephen was a member of the swim team and also served as an assistant scuba diving instructor. In addition, he served many years as a Boy Scout and earned its highest ranking -- Eagle Scout. During his years in Boy Scouts, he was able to earn badges in both architecture and drafting.

Setbacks and Obstacles:

Other than a few minor obstacles, Stephen's biggest hurdle was a regulation that prevented him from being licensed without going back to school. Although many new policies affecting regulations allow veterans to be "grandfathered in." In his case Stephen was not allowed to do so. Luckily, his 22 years' experience assures him a long and successful career in the industry


Stephen has always enjoyed the challenges provided by mental stimulation and physical activity. From a very early age, that enjoyment motivated him to continually improve his skills. By taking advanced math classes in high school and participating in rigorous extracurricular activities, he conditioned his body and mind to succeed. Today, his work challenges him every day, so he is continually motivated to succeed in his workplace.


Even though he has always been interested in drafting, he didn't know he would end up as a construction inspector. As a junior in high school he dreamed of becoming an architect. At college he earned a degree in architecture, but he didn't know that would lead him to a career as a construction inspector. Today, Stephen's dream is to train a water tower inspector to carry on his duties after he can no longer physically perform the rigors of the inspection.

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