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The Construction Inspector

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As a construction inspector, Stephen makes judgements about the quality of different paints and coatings for water towers. It is very similar to the decision process involved when painting a house. Read the "Set Up," then figure out the questions. Check your answers when you're done.

Set Up:

You have been contracted to paint a house for a client who plans on living there for ten years. The house dimensions are 50'x60'x9'. The following paint options are available to you:

Paint type Coverage Cost per gallon
5 yr warranty 300 sf/gal $10
6 yr warranty 250 sf/gal $12
10 yr warranty 300 sf/gal $15
10 yr warranty 250 sf/gal $18
20 yr warranty 200 sf/gal $23

Figure This Out:

Calculate the cost of each paint option for your client. Do not subtract area for doors, windows or vents. Do not paint the roof. Round to nearest whole number of gallons. Finally, make a recommendation to your client on the most cost effective paint option.

Check your answer!


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