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Construction of public structures requires careful adherence to local, state and federal codes and regulations to ensure the public's safety. As a construction inspector, Stephen spends his day evaluating the construction, coating and repair work of one of the most important community facilities -- water towers. It is his careful attention to detail and vast knowledge of the industry and its standards that help provide a potable water source to America's households.

Stephen actually began his career in architectural design writing specifications for architecture projects. Over the years he specialized in industrial strength coatings, water plant, wastewater plant, and water storage tank facility inspections. As one of only three inspectors with his skills in the immediate geographic area, his services are constantly in demand.

Stephen's job responsibilities are wide and varied. He may be at his desk writing a report in the morning and performing an inspection hundreds of feet off the ground during the afternoon. Because some of the work he does is performed in dangerous situations, he must constantly be aware of the weather and his surroundings.

Luckily, Stephen is not afraid of heights and claims that one of his greatest career rewards is the "fantastic view that very few people get to see."

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