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The Fisheries Biologist


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Now that you've seen what a fisheries biologist's day can be like, see if you have what it takes to do the job by performing a challenge activity. Read the "Set Up," then figure out the questions. Check your answers when you're done.

Set Up:
Fisheries biologists collect data about fish and make it available to the general public. Through print publications and other media, including Web sites, they publicize information of value to everyone. Anglers use the data to take advantage of the best fishing spots and to determine the best seasons to catch the fish of their choice.

Figure This Out:

You have been hired by Avid Anglers magazine to travel throughout the US for a year and find the best fishing spots in the country. You have an entire year to do nothing but fish all day every day.

Plan a trip throughout the U.S. Using relevant Web sites, make a detailed schedule of where you would travel during each month and what types of fish you would try to catch. Based on the information you can gather from the Web sites, provide as much detailed information as possible. You must keep a journal which will be published in Avid Anglers.

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