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The Veterinarian


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As you are about to find out, this veterinarian is always on the go! Watch the video of a day in Rexanne's life or read the text.

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Think you have the skills to become a veterinarian? Consider this challenge activity created by Rexanne!

Set Up:
A large animal veterinary provides the service of preventing, diagnosing and treating illness and injury in animals. The large animal veterinarian must also assist farmers, ranchers and livestock owners in making economically sound decisions concerning the raising and marketing of livestock.

Figure This Out:

A group of calves weighing 450 pounds is sick with respiratory disease. Based on previous experience with calves at this farm, it is determined that Tilmicosin (brand name Micotil) is the drug of choice. Micotil comes in the strength of 300 mg/cc and is used at the rate of 10 mg/kg of body weight. One kilogram (kg) equals 2.2 pounds. How many cubic centimeters (cc's) of Micotil should I administer to each sick calf?

Besides antibiotic, calves often need other treatment for appetite loss and dehydration to help them recover from sickness. What factors should be considered to help determine what these calves need?

Where did the calves originate?
How long have they been on the farm?
What is their previous vaccination and/or treatment status?
Has this farm had a previous history of similar illness?

Then a thorough physical exam must be done to determine temperatures, hydration status and lung sounds, which may not be possible on each calf when many are involved. The practitioner must be able to assess the situation as a whole, then adapt treatment on each calf as necessary.

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