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Kathleen, the physician, answers some student-driven questions. Listen to her responses to career-related inquiries. Click on a specific question or listen to all of her responses.
Do you treat your own kids? AUDIO TEXT
What is the most challenging part of the job? AUDIO TEXT
What is the most interesting type of sickness? AUDIO TEXT
What made you decide to become a doctor? AUDIO TEXT
Is it difficult to be a doctor and raise a family at the same time? AUDIO TEXT
What skills can you be developing in high school to become a doctor? AUDIO TEXT
Was it tough getting into medical school? AUDIO TEXT
Are pre-med and science classes tough in college? AUDIO TEXT
Did you have a back-up plan while pursuing med school? AUDIO TEXT
What is the worst part of your job? AUDIO TEXT
What is your best advice concerning staying healthy? AUDIO TEXT
What are the toughest parts of your job? AUDIO TEXT
What is one of the most important personal attributes in your profession? AUDIO TEXT
How many people do you work with? AUDIO TEXT
What if you don't know if you want to be a doctor? AUDIO TEXT
What are health occupation classes? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work nights and weekends? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work at sporting events? AUDIO TEXT
What is the difference between osteopathic physicians and a chiropractor? AUDIO TEXT
Do you have a specialty in any type of medicine? AUDIO TEXT
What is the biggest general change you have seen in medicine over the years? AUDIO TEXT
Do you need to prepare heavily for recertifications? AUDIO TEXT
Is it tough to keep your emotions in check? AUDIO TEXT
Are there a lot of drug cases where you practice? AUDIO TEXT
Do people ask you questions on the street and how do you handle it? AUDIO TEXT
What has been your toughest case to diagnose? AUDIO TEXT
What has been the biggest development in treating cancers? AUDIO TEXT
What do you see changing the world of medicine in the future? AUDIO TEXT
How do you deal with the families of difficult patients? AUDIO TEXT
What have been the biggest developments in medicine that have helped you in your clinic? AUDIO TEXT
When you were a paramedic, what was the most interesting thing you saw? AUDIO TEXT
What has been the biggest technological advancement in medicine during your life? AUDIO TEXT
Do you ever need to transfer patients? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work with any nurse practitioners? AUDIO TEXT
How many years of college does it take to be a doctor? AUDIO TEXT
What are the requirements for medical school? AUDIO TEXT
How much money do physicians make? AUDIO TEXT

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