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Kevin, the architect, answers some student-driven questions. Listen to his responses to career-related inquiries. Click on a specific question or listen to all of his responses.
How did you become interested in this career? AUDIO TEXT
What is your job history? AUDIO TEXT
What does the future hold for your career? AUDIO TEXT
What type of personality does it take to be an architect? AUDIO TEXT
What type of personality are you? AUDIO TEXT
What is the salary range for an architect? AUDIO TEXT
Does an architect make more money in the bigger cities? AUDIO TEXT
How many hours do you work per week? AUDIO TEXT
Is it difficult to balance your personal life with your professional life? AUDIO TEXT
Does the "spirit" of a workplace sometimes dictate hours and how do you handle that? AUDIO TEXT
What is the percentage of men and women in this career? AUDIO TEXT
What are your secrets to success? AUDIO TEXT
What projects are you currently working on? AUDIO TEXT
Are you required to have continuing education in this profession? AUDIO TEXT
What do you like most about your job? AUDIO TEXT
How do you brainstorm? AUDIO TEXT
What are the biggest challenges in your job? AUDIO TEXT
What advice can you give students who are interested in this profession? AUDIO TEXT
Is this a competitive field? AUDIO TEXT
Does your firm receive jobs based on qualifications of architects or mockups of the job? AUDIO TEXT
Have advances in technology changed the way you do your job? AUDIO TEXT
Is this a stressful job? AUDIO TEXT
Are there other types of jobs in this same field? AUDIO TEXT

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