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The Civil Engineer


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View the video and see what happens during a day in the life of a civil engineer.

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Take the Challenge

Now that you've seen what a civil engineer's day can be like, see if you have what it takes to do the job by performing a challenge activity. Read the "Set Up," then figure out the questions. Check your answer when you're done.

Set Up:
As an engineer at the Department of Transportation you are building a new road through an area where there has never been a road before. The contractor must remove piles of dirt and carry them off the site by truck. The contractor charges 30 cents per cubic yard to haul the dirt.

Figure This Out:

You need to estimate the amount of dirt that must be removed in order to know what the cost will be. The contractor would also like to know how many truckloads it will take so he can figure how many trucks he will need to haul the dirt. Contractors' trucks hold approximately 8 cubic yards each. The dirt piles are all in a row of 1,000 feet in length.

Challenge Graphic

Check your answer!


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