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Barb, the civil engineer, answers some student-driven questions. Listen to her responses to career-related inquiries. Click on a specific question or listen to all of her responses.
How did you get interested in this career? AUDIO TEXT
What was your prior job history before this job? AUDIO TEXT
What type of personality is good for this job? AUDIO TEXT
What are the hours like? AUDIO TEXT
Is there an equal number of men and women in this profession? AUDIO TEXT
What are some secrets to becoming successful in this job? AUDIO TEXT
Is continuing education important in your job? AUDIO TEXT
What do you like best about your job? AUDIO TEXT
What are the biggest challenges in your job? AUDIO TEXT
What advice would you give high school students who are interested in this job? AUDIO TEXT
Is this a competitive field? AUDIO TEXT
Do you use technology in your job? AUDIO TEXT
Is there stress in your job? AUDIO TEXT
Is college absolutely necessary for this job? AUDIO TEXT
How many years of post high school did you take? AUDIO TEXT
What skills are most important in this job? AUDIO TEXT
Are there other positions available similar to yours? AUDIO TEXT
Is the career you're in now where you thought you would be as a child? AUDIO TEXT
What are your dreams for the future? AUDIO TEXT
What motivated you as a kid? AUDIO TEXT
Were there any obstacles you encountered as your grew up? AUDIO TEXT
What high school activities were you in? AUDIO TEXT
What activities would you recommend to students? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work more inside or outside? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work more with your hands or your mind? AUDIO TEXT
Is teamwork important in your job? AUDIO TEXT
Why did you decide to go back to college? AUDIO TEXT
Do you get benefits? AUDIO TEXT
Is your job dangerous? AUDIO TEXT
Are internships required? AUDIO TEXT

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