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The Landscape Architect


Persons employed in this occupation in the United States:
2004: 24,800
Projected 2014: 29,600

Persons employed in this occupation in Iowa:
2002: 140
Projected 2012: 170

2004 Median National
Annual Wages: $54,300
2004 Median Iowa
Annual Wages: $48,300

***Source: America's Career InfoNet

I am attracted to a career as a landscape architect because
the salary is great.
I like science and art classes.
it provides the opportunity to work both inside and outside.
I like growing plants.
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Bob has a four-year degree in landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin. He also earned a master's of business administration. Bob believes high school students who are interested in a career like his should get a well-balanced background in a wide variety of classes -- horticulture, botany, soils, construction, art, speech.

Work Experiences and Internships:

In high school Bob was a lifeguard and had lawn care and light landscaping jobs. He also worked on a farm. While in college he worked summers in a meat packing plant.

During high school Bob suggests students work summers at a nursery or garden center to gain experience in landscaping. He recommends job shadowing a professional and suggests students become involved in internships in college.

Activities and Organizations:

When in high school Bob was involved in sports. He especially liked any activities that took him outside. He suggests that students interested in landscape architecture become involved in Junior Achievement, debate classes and sports. Junior Achievement and participation in sports will help students to set goals and to become a team player -- important skills for landscape architects too! Debate or speech activities will help future landscape architects learn to express ideas clearly.

Setbacks and Obstacles:

Because the state of the economy can cause the demand for landscape architects to fluctuate, graduates looking for work might be discouraged. With economic ups and downs occurring regularly, it's important for a landscape student to be persistent in pursuing a job. Talking to professionals, asking questions and investigating all options are strategies to help overcome setbacks in a prospective landscape architecture's career.


Bob stayed motivated as he pursued his career by his desire to work outside. He also was lucky to have encouragement from his parents, teachers and friends. Later, when he decided to earn his master's degree in business administration, he was motivated by a desire to understand more about running a business.


When Bob was a child he dreamed about working outside. He liked to design things, and he loved science. He always liked working in the garden so a career working with plants is a dream fulfilled!

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