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The Nurse Anesthetist


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Patients, surgeries, drugs and quick decisions are all part of a nurse anesthetist's daily work life. But this nurse anesthetist also mixes in a little humor when needed. Play the video and watch a profile of a day in the life of this nurse anesthetist.

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Set Up:
You are the only anesthetist in a small rural hospital. Due to a crisis during a routine labor, a mother needs to undergo an emergency Cesarean Section. Immediately after the birth of the baby the mother is unstable and requires your constant attention. The baby is having a very difficult time breathing and needs to have a tube placed into its trachea (intubated) so breathing can be assisted. This is a procedure that you as an anesthetist are far more skilled and experienced at than anyone else in the hospital.

Figure This Out:
Who gets your attention and skills: the mother who has unstable blood pressure and heart rate, or the baby who is having a very difficult time breathing?

Check your answer!


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