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Schools have an important role to play in students' career development. Some schools are better equipped to provide career development services than others, but researchers offer these suggestions for schools to help students align their educational and occupational goals:

  1. Support more activity-based organizations that have:
    • clear functions.
    • clearly defined criteria for membership.
  2. Help students negotiate the curricular maze of high school by encouraging them to think about:
    • the skills they have.
    • the kinds of work they want to do.
    • how to prepare for such work.
  3. Offer work programs that:
    • help students make informed decisions about careers they would like to pursue.
    • provide opportunities to interact with adult co-workers so that students can learn about the educational and work pathways that lead to adult careers.
    • provide internships in adult work settings that help them think about their futures.

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