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9:00 AM


I was wondering what kind of molds you make. How did you finaly get interested in this career.

11:17 AM


In answer to your question, we make molds for all types of products. Some of the parts you would be familiar with would be cell phone housings, toothbrushes, computer keyboards, computer printer housings, telephones, telephone hand sets.

The items mentioned above are things you can see. They also have a multitude of internal parts made from plastic that the consumer never sees that all require a mold of some sort.

I got interested in this trade while in high school from my drafting class I was taking. I thought it would be interesting to build some of the pieces I was drawing.

Thank you for your interest in the mold making field. I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

11:49 PM


What education will I need if I want to be a mold maker?

9:30 AM


Go to this link: http://www.careers.iptv.org/enhanced/1136/ec_profile.cfm

3:10 PM


What exactly is a mold maker???

3:32 PM

This explains

Go to this link to learn all about being a moldmaker: http://www.careers.iptv.org/enhanced/1136/ec_careerhome.cfm

1:09 AM

Salaries in the Trades

I have heard that soon there will be a skilled trades shortage and many organizations are promoting trades. They say that great money can be earned in the trades, but a salary of $40,000 doesn't seem like a lot. Are salaries higher, and if they are, what are they?

12:26 PM

Mold maker

I am a certified mold maker and am making $3 less an hour than I was 8 years ago. Because of the bad economy employers are rapping the skilled trades worker in wages.

I make less than $20 an hour.

Don't get into this trade.

Ken P
8:25 AM

Mold Shop Owner (closed)


10 years ago I would have told someone that the moldmaking trade was a good trade to get into. Now I would tell them to find a real job. The trade has been decimated by outsourcing of manufacturing to overseas countries.

3:34 PM

Mold Maker


I used to be a mold shop owner. I am now out of business due to free trade and currently have a job as a mold maker. It is not the employers rapping you, it is the modern day american politician, who thinks only of themselves.


10:39 PM

Mold Maker

I have been in the trade for about 15 years, and I am now going back to school to work in the health care industry. The outsourcing problem makes it difficult to earn a decent wage.You are trying to compete with cheap labor.There would be no shortage of skilled labor if the compensation was there. I would not recommend getting into this trade.


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