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Ashley P.
9:16 PM

I need help!

Ok, I am a student at a community college and I want to become a nurse anesthetist. I have not one clue on how and where to start. Do I become a lpn 1st or a rn, to a bsn? are there different ways? I have a baby and I'm only 18 so I need the quickest way possible. I need help I want the best for my son. Thanks

3:04 PM

No quick route

Ashley: I don't think there is a quick route to becoming a nurse anesthetist. Check out this link and if you have questions, post another comment to this discussion board. http://www.careers.iptv.org/Enhanced/1038/ec_careerhome.cfm

Faith J.
1:08 AM

Career Opportunities

My teenage son is wanting a clue as to what career might suit him best. He is not a computer nerd type (his older brother is a senior in college in software design), but he does like the computer. He also says that he would like work that dosen't keep him behind a desk all the time. He is good in math and science, but is also very creative. He is a good pianist, and has his own cartoon strip in the local newspaper. He is athletic as well. We are of a religious faith in which we do not work on Saturdays. He is not interested in a career that requires Sabbath work. Does anyone have any ideas about what he would be well suited for?

8:17 AM

Career Search

You and your son might take a look at the database of careers on this Web site. From the front page he can search over 250 careers. He will have access to most of the professionals also through this discussion board.

1:56 PM


You know what would be good for your son, to be a biochemist. It wouldn't keep him behind the desk all the time but he could put his imagination to the test.

8:22 AM

Nursing careers

This website has some information about nursing careers:

Nursing aides http://www.ocouha.com/cur/ooh030104.htm

LPNs http://www.ocouha.com/cur/ooh021606.htm

RNs http://www.ocouha.com/cur/ooh021513.htm


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