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Challenge Question Number 1 for Crop Production Specialist #1189

Related Subject(s):
Business & Accounting Studies
Related Soft Skill(s):
Completing an Activity
Organizing Information
Writing Messages

Describe a typical "challenge" encountered in your work:
A large part of my job involves people skills and sales. When making a sales call, the first two things I need to sell to a customer before talking about a particular product is the company and myself. If the customer doesn't see a benefit to working with my company and they don't see me as an asset to their operation, they won't even listen to what I have to say about a product.

Clearly describe what you expect from the students:
-Create a sales brochure about a company highlighting its unique strengths, especially those which would differentiate it from a competitor

-Focus on customer service, stay away from price issues

-Write about trait and characteristics which would set you apart from a potential competitor whose company matches yours. (You need to find something that will tilt the scales in your favor)

In order to give the teacher some guidance in evaluating the student's project(s); list some tips that may help to assess the student's work:
-Ask students to consider an existing business or company that is successful and identify why it excels over its competitors

-Ask students to make the sales brochure for this company to hand out to prospective customers

-Ask students to write a brief paper on what sets them apart from other competitors when trying to gain a client's business.


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