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Challenge Question Number 1 for Plant Biotechnology Manager #1131

Related Subject(s):
Agricultural Studies
Related Soft Skill(s):
Analyzing Information
Completing an Activity
Collecting Information

Describe a typical "challenge" encountered in your work:
In a cell biology/transformation laboratory, it is important to develop good skills in tissue culture. As a supervisor, new employees must be well trained to perform the work quickly and carefully. We are limited on the amount of tissue we have to use to conduct our experiments, so inefficiency is not desirable. In training, a tissue culturist must learn how to dissect immature embryos from an ear of corn without injury to the embryos and with proper culture/orientation onto the petri plate to maximize the outcome of the experiment.

Clearly describe what you expect from the students:
You have one ear of 10 day after pollination immature corn. After seeing and listening to a demonstration of how to dissect and culture immature embryos to be used for transformation experiments, you must culture your embryos without fractures and damage to produce a healthy set of "target tissue" for genetic transformation.

In order to give the teacher some guidance in evaluating the student's project(s); list some tips that may help to assess the student's work:
· Did the students follow the demonstration instructions or did they figure out a more suitable method for dissection?
· Count the number of seed on the ears versus the number of embryos cultured -> A low set of embryos would indicate more training or a revisit to the methods being used to do the dissections.
· Look at the quality of the embryos cultured and discuss the impact of poor quality embryos on genetic transformations.
· Have the students look at the morphology of the immature embryos and discuss orientations for callus (shape) culture vs. germination.


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